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Nick Daws, author of The 10 Day e-Book

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“I've used Nick's techniques to help sell tens of thousands of e-books online. I owe my career to this guy. Working with Nick and his methods has been one of the most valuable things I've ever done. Try this course.”

Bradley Thompson, self-development author, 

Want to learn more?  Good! 


Here’s what the course covers …


  •  How to come up with an e-book idea that will sell like WILDFIREKnow that your e-book will be a hit, before you even write a word!
  • The little-known method of writing your book, in JUST DAYS – Even if you know nothing about the subject, using Nick’s famed “freewriting” technique you will learn how to write quickly with the minimum of editing.


  • How to get your book published, ZERO EXPERIENCE required – The step-by-step methods of getting your e-book prepared for PCs, Macs, and more!
  • The SECRET to selling your book on AUTO-PILOT –  Create a passive income, get OTHERS to sell your e-book, guerrilla marketing and more! 


It’s the exact system other writers have all ready used to generate life-changing results:


Bradley Thompson wrote his self-development guide (“Creating Your Own Subliminal Studio”) in just 10 days, following Nick’s techniques – with sales of $108,000 over the past year.


Travel Writing Secrets

Mel McIntyre wrote his travel writing e-book (“Travel Writing Secrets”) – with sales toppping $7500!


Happiness now

Carol Anne Strange helped to produce an inspirational e-book (“Happiness Now”) – with sales of $10,000 + within days of launching.


Five Rituals

Mike Williamson created & edited his exercise guide (“The Five Rituals”) within a week – with annual sales now hitting $60,000, no effort required.


Self development

Karl Moore used Nick’s techniques to write his personal growth guide (“The Secret Art of Self-Development”) in just days – and raked in $18,000 within a month of being published.


Book Proposal secrets

Dan Strauss wrote his brief guide to book proposals (“Book Proposal Secrets”) using Nick’s secrets – with sales topping five-figures over the past year, with minimal promotion.


WCCL Network

Nick’s advice has been incorporated into every e-Book produced by the WCCL Network, with turnover of $4m+ over the past year.

“Highly recommended especially to the new epublisher.  This course is very well written and explains each step in easy to understand language which is a boon to anyone who may be struggling to get to grips with unfamilar technology.”
Sue Kendrick, Writelink online creative writing community



The 10 Day E-book


will help YOU enjoy


these kind of results!






PRECISELY where to find ideas for hundreds, even THOUSANDS, of popular e-books!

A great free online tool that will help you find out how much interest there is in any potential e-book topic – with a step-by-step, illustrated guide on how to use it!

EIGHT more websites that will help you narrow down your choice of topic to the most profitable. You won't believe some of the amazing free resources out there!

Yet another great free resource to help you discover whether interest in your proposed topic is increasing or declining, and pinpoint any seasonal trends.

(IMPORTANT: For some topics, interest is highly seasonal – using this research tool will ensure you don't get caught out launching your e-book at the wrong time!)



Three very good reasons why you should write an outline before you write your e-book.

An easy-as-pie, four-step plan for outlining your e-book – even a seven-year-old can do this!

How many chapters your e-book should have, and why. This is CRUCIAL for ensuring your e-book meets – or exceeds – customer expectations.

How to turn your outline into a 'freewriting blueprint' that will guide you every inch of the way through writing your e-book.

Day 3


The best way to write your e-book in the least possible time – using "freewriting" – all based on proven psychological principles.

The AMAZING SECRET to keeping research to a bare minimum. You won't believe how much time this trick saves you!

Seven secrets of successful e-book formatting. E-books need to be written in a different way from ordinary books. This section tells you everything you need to know.

The four-word "WAYS" principle – and why you should let all of your e-book writing be guided by it.


Day 4


Why you CAN edit your e-book yourself, and some very important reasons why you SHOULD!

Ten POWER EDITING tips for ensuring that your e-book's text is concise, informative and flows perfectly from the first word to the last.

Why your e-book DOESN'T have to be perfect – with five words to write out in great big letters and stick on your wall, to remind you what really matters!

The two-step scale-and-polish method for paragraph editing. You won't believe how quick and easy editing becomes when you use this method – and it's totally painless as well!


day 5


The two main e-book formats, and which you should opt for with YOUR first e-book.

How to easily convert any word-processed document into a PDF file with FREEsoftware easily available online.

One ESSENTIAL announcement you should place at the front of your e-book, to ensure it is legally protected by copyright.

Two more steps you MUST take to ensure that others do not copy your e-book and sell it on for profit. This is ESSENTIAL if you don't want to see your hard-earned profits go down the drain!


Day 6


Why you should use an existing e-book publishing platform rather than attempt to set up a whole new publishing operation yourself.

Three hugely popular self-publishing platforms, with a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of each of them.

Our NUMBER ONErecommendation for publishing your e-book, together with a blow-by-blow guide to signing up with them. IMPORTANT: There are pitfalls in the sign-up procedure for the unwary – follow our detailed instructions to avoid any problems later!

Four ESSENTIAL tips for choosing a nickname for our recommended publishing site. You can't change this later, so follow our advice and get this right from the beginning!


Day 7


A four-step  FORMULA and seven-step ACTION PLAN for writing a website sales letter that will blow the socks off your competitors

The EIGHT best sales-page headlines to GRAB readers' attention – plus seven tips for making sure your headlines virtually FORCE them to reach for their credit cards!

Seven tips for creating great bullet-point lists – these are CRUCIAL for persuading prospects to buy.

How to get brilliant testimonials for your e-book BEFORE it has even been published – PLUSan exclusive free testimonial offer from Nick Daws himself!

How long should your sales letter be – three Golden Rules to guide you in this controversial decision!

Five tips for creating (or sourcing) great FREE BONUSES to seal the deal – your customers won't be able to stop themselves buying when they see the amazing extra goodies you are offering them!

EIGHT top-selling sales pages to visit, study, and learn from. These online sales pages are certain to give you ideas for your own sales page, and provide a standard for you to aspire to.


Day 8


How to buy a domain name and hosting for your sales site – a step-by-step guide to using one popular, low-cost service.

Six things you MUST have on your pitch page and three you MUST have on your thankyou page. Without these, your sales site WILL NOT BE APPROVED.

How to create your payment link using text or images. No previous knowledge of HTML required!

Ten top tips for designing your pitch page using proven principles to maximize sales. This hard-to-find information is worth the price of the guide alone!

Four tips for creating your thank-you page – including a SECRET WAYof studying hundreds of other ClickBank thank-you pages. You can even download the products in question for free – not that we're recommending this, of course!

The BEST options for building your sales site – including THREE free website building programs you can download today!

A sneaky (but  legal) three-step method you can use to capitalize on other website designers' skills – absolutely free!

Another method you can use to get dozens of professional designers to bid on creating your sales site for you – then all you have to do is pick the one offering the best combination of skills and value for money!

Why you MUST have statistics on your sales site – and a great FREE stats service that will tell you everything you could ever want to know about your website visitors!

A seven-step guide to uploading your sales site and getting it approved by ClickBank. Once you've done this, congratulations – you're a published e-book author!

Day 9


The two main options for launching your e-book to the world – and which you should choose for your first e-book.

How to submit your sales site to the search engines – step by step advice to get your promotional campaign off to a cracking start!

Why you should use articles as a key component of your promotional strategy – and five top article directories you should submit them to.

Seven top tips for using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – a FAST and EFFECTIVE way of getting targeted traffic to your sales site.

Why having a list is so important, and two great services – one free, one low cost – that will make building your list of prospects and mailing to them A SNAP!

Six top tips for using ezines and email newsletters to promote your e-book – no fees required!

A seven-step guide to starting a free blog to help sell your e-book – you can literally do this in just TEN MINUTES.

A FREE RESOURCE you can use to find bloggers who are willing to publish your promotional articles for free – yet another PRICELESS promotional tool!

The three top social networking sites you should be using to promote your e-book – with in-depth advice on how to use them.

How you can get the message across about your e-book on forums and message boards. There's a right way and a wrong way of doing this. Follow our advice to ensure you use this powerful technique the RIGHT way!

How to 'listen in' online for people asking questions related to the subject of your e-book – and then ANSWER them, with a link to your e-book sales page for more info. You're going to LOVE this powerful yet little-used technique!

Eleven tips for writing a press release to promote your e-book – together with a sample e-book press release, so you can see EXACTLY what you need to do.

Six press-release distribution services – some free, some low-cost – that will send your release to THOUSANDS of websites, newspapers, journalists, and so on. You can't put a price on the value of the publicity this will generate!

Five tips for recording a podcast to promote your e-book – plus details of a free service that will submit your recording to over FIFTY podcast directories on your behalf!

Three top tips for creating a promotional video for your e-book – with details of another free service that will submit your video to over twenty video-sharing sites for you ANDshow you detailed statistics of where and when they are being watched.

An easy way to create a promotional video for your e-book with no need to appear in it yourself – and the FREESOFTWARE you can use to do this!

Day 10


Why you need affiliates to maximize your e-book sales – and five top tips for getting SHED LOADS of affiliates via the ClickBank Marketplace.

Two great online forums you can use to recruit more affiliates to sell your e-book on your behalf – both have THOUSANDS of members just waiting to sign up to promote your e-book!

The 'secret' software that allows you to discover the top-selling affiliates for any product sold on ClickBank. You can then contact these affiliates and enlist their help in selling your own e-book!

What is a Joint Venture and why all the top Internet marketers use them – along with a little-known forum where you can advertise your JV invitation, and view those of other top Internet marketers and steal their ideas!

The FIVE different types of Joint Venture – one of these (at least) will be right for YOUR e-book!

What “PLR” means, and why selling it in your e-book can spell A BIG PROFIT BOOST for you, and still allow you to go on selling it to other customers!

How to get dozens of bloggers to review your e-book – and how to choose exactly which blogs you want to be reviewed on!

“Before I read Nick's e-book, I didn't have the slightest idea about how to go about writing an e-book. In fact, I didn't feel I had the ability to write ANY book. After reading The 10-day E-Book, however, I feel absolutely confident and can hardly wait to start writing!”
Rohi Shetty






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Twelve Techniques to Devise a Killer Title!

Your e-book title can determine its success – or failure. Nick shows you how to generate the absolute BEST title for your book, and enjoy sales boosts of up to 30% using his sneaky little tricks!



Essential Resources for E-Book Authors

This is Nick’s private list of essential online bookmarks! Dozens of sites, split into six sections – these are free Internet resources that you won’t be able to live without. Read thoroughly!






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“I bought your book three days ago. I am now on chapter two, and I just finished doing my e-book outline. It's really a masterful work: simple, clear, direct. I have always been intimidated by the idea of selling my own e-books, especially setting up the sales process. But you have broken everything down into an easy, step-by-step process!”
Saleem Rana


“I am so inspired that as soon as I finish writing this testimonial, I am going to get started writing my e-book using Nick's detailed steps. I love the way it is divided into things to do each day! Very easy to follow. By following Nick's steps, I know I'll end up with a fabulous e-book – and a platform to sell it on.”
Jocelyn Hodgson, Gold Coast, Australia


"It's not often you can genuinely say something you've read has changed your life, but then the '10-Day E-Book Course' comes along. It's certainly changed my working life. Definitely ten out of ten for this course. I've only had it a few days, and it's already changed how I approach this kind of project."
David North, author of "New Creative Visualization


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