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How To Add Anchor Text To A WordPress Blog

Like all blogging platforms it is very easy to add an anchor text url to a WordPress post.

You can do it either through html view or Visual.  Visual is the easiest and you run the least chance of making a mistake so I recommend doing it this way if you are a beginner.

Before we start, a word about the text editor.  WordPress comes with a very basic editor which although adequate, doesn’t allow you to make use of all the options a fully fledged editor would give you.

I recommend you download one of the better editors and installing that before you start.

You do this by selecting Plugins from the Plugins panel in your Admin area and searching for New Plugins.

I use CK-Editor, but there are others just as good.  WordPress will install them automatically for you.

Now, back to anchor text links! 

Create your post as normal ensuring you are doing so in Visual view.

A new posting form usually defaults to Visual, but if by chance it hasn’t, just click the tab to change it. 

Highlight your keyword or words you wish to use as anchor text.

Click the chain link icon and you will get the linking window to open up.

This is the link form.  The Target and Advanced tab will allow you to refine your linking.  For now though a simple link is enough!  Don’t forget to click O.K.

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