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How To Add Anchor Text To A Word Document

This is very easy to do!  Simply write your article as normal and follow these screen shots.


This is part of a Word doc. article.  The yellow highlighted area is going to be our anchor link text.   Be careful here, some article directories will not allow this many words, quite often you will be restricted to two or three.

Hold your cursor over all the words and highlight it.  Once you have done that look for the little globe with a chain link next to it.  You will find it in the menu bar at the top of your page.


A window will open which will allow you to paste a web link.  There are a lot of options you can select but explore those later.  For now you are looking for field marked Address

Paste in your Affiliate url and click O.K.


The window will close and you should now see your highlighted text as a clickable anchor text link.


Don’t forget to test the link to ensure it works correctly!

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