Inside Kindle Kash:
Writing, Formatting, Publishing, Promoting

Here's a detailed over view of what's inside the Kindle Kash course

Consisting of ten parts, you'll learn how to devise, write, edit, publish and promote an e-book on the Kindle platform
- and make a lot of money from it!

The guide covers both fiction and non-fiction e-books.

It also reveals how to publish your e-book to other platforms such as the Apple iPad and Nook, thus potentially multiplying your profits many times over.

Each chapter concludes with a list of practical action points, helping you apply the information to your own project.

Here's a look of what you'll find inside the ten parts:





  • What the Amazon Kindle is, and why it's such GREAT news for writers!
  • Six writers who have enjoyed huge success from e-book publishing – one of whom is selling OVER 7000 e-books PER MONTH on the Kindle!
  • How another writer leveraged her success with a Kindle novel to get a print publishing deal and a movie option. She now has six published books to her name, and no doubt many more to come. There's no reason YOU couldn't do likewise!
  • The eight main e-book formats and what they are used for – ESSENTIAL INFO for would-be e-book authors wanting to maximize their income.

What to Write About



  • What topics sell best on Kindle – and how to cash in on current publishing trends.
  • Seven powerful methods for researching good topics for a Kindle e-book – including Nick Daws' SECRET TECHNIQUE, never before revealed!
  • Three great methods you can use to narrow down your choice of topics to the best one for selling at the Kindle Store.
  • A great FREE TOOL you can use to research relevant keywords – the best way to ascertain the level of interest in any non-fiction topic. And ANOTHER free tool you can use to check on trends and ensure that interest in your proposed topic is stable or rising and not in decline.
  • A simple, five-step rating method you can use to choose the subject of your next book if you really can't decide between two or more options.
  • Why Kindle is also BRILLIANT for fiction writers – and the type of fiction to write if you want to extract maximum sales from this medium!

Outlining Your
Kindle E-Book

  • Three reasons you should prepare an outline for your e-book before you write it.
  • A simple, four-step method you can use to prepare a detailed 'blueprint' for your book. This will then guide you painlessly through the actual writing process. Writing a book doesn't get any easier than this!
  • The best software to use for actually writing your e-book – and six tips for ensuring that converting your manuscript to Kindle format is as straightforward as possible!

Writing Your Kindle E-Book



  • The best method for creating your first draft – based on proven psychological principles.
  • A secret technique for minimizing the time you spend on research. This method will cut your research time and effort to the bone, thus speeding the day when your book is published and you start making money from it!
  • Six important things to bear in mind while writing your e-book, to ensure that it works well in Kindle format.

Editing Your Kindle E-Book



  • Why in most cases the best person to edit your Kindle e-book is YOURSELF!
  • Ten POWER EDITING tips to help you get your e-book edited as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • The Scale-and-Polish Method of paragraph editing – how you can save even more time by focusing on the most important editing tasks.
  • Four reasons you should try to get feedback from other people before publishing your e-book – and three great sources of people who will be happy to do this for you.

Formatting Your Kindle E-Book

  • HTML 101 for Kindle Authors – you don't need to be a programming wizard to write for the Kindle, but if you know just a little HTML, it will make formatting your book FAR easier. Learn the essentials here!
  • Ten tips for preparing your e-book for conversion to Kindle format – and a DEAD SIMPLE method for converting your word-processed e-book to Kindle-friendly HTML.
  • How to add a cool front cover image to your Kindle e-book, and any other images you want too. Actual code samples included!
  • How to create a professional-looking table of contents with hyperlinks – again, with sample code you can use for your own e-book provided!
  • The one thing you MUST NOT DO with images or they won't display correctly on the Kindle. Ignore this at your peril!
  • A little-known FREE PROGRAM which will automate or semi-automate many aspects of formatting your Kindle e-book. We know you'll just LOVE this!
  • How to preview your Kindle e-book in all its glory, even if you don't have a Kindle yourself, using another great piece of free software.

Publishing Your Kindle E-Book



  • The three things you MUST have before publishing your e-book at the Kindle Store.
  • How to create a cover image for your e-book for the Kindle Store – technical requirements included!
  • A great resource you can use to get a professionally designed cover image for your e-book for JUST FIVE DOLLARS!
  • How to write a description of your e-book for the Kindle Store – and why you need to be very careful if you do this in Microsoft Word!
  • An in-depth guide to publishing on the Amazon Digital Text Platform. This is where you publish your e-book to the Kindle Store, and it's very easy to go wrong if you don't know what you're doing. Avoid the pitfalls with this step-by-step guide!
  • How to price your Kindle e-book – Three Amazon rules you MUST know about, plus the ideal price to maximize your profits and benefit from Amazon's highest rate of royalties for authors.
  • Six rights Amazon claims over your e-book – if you publish to the Kindle Store, Amazon will claim certain rights over your work. None of these is a deal-breaker, but you need to understand them now to avoid any possible heartache later.
  • All about payment and taxes – how Amazon pays you for your e-book sales, and what is your position regarding taxes.

Promoting Your Kindle E-Book



  • How to promote your e-book with a FREE page on Amazon – don't miss out on this golden opportunity!
  • Six tips for using 'tagging' to raise your e-book's profile on Amazon. NOTE: Some of these tips are VERY sneaky!
  • How Amazon's Listmania feature can be an amazingly effective tool for promoting your e-book – and seven extra tips for getting the most from it!
  • Why you need three or four good reviews of your book on Amazon – and seven top tips for getting those reviews as quickly and painlessly as possible!
  • How reviewing other people's books and e-books on Amazon can be an amazingly effective method for promoting your own title – just use the clever method set out here!
  • How posting on online forums can give your sales a massive boost as long as you do it correctly – plus the three most important Kindle forums you MUST join, along with others you can benefit from if time permits.
  • How to use blogging to raise your e-book's profile – and a seven-step guide you can use to set up your own promotional blog free of charge TODAY!
  • Why you should build a list by creating your own email newsletter – and how this can multiply your profits from Kindle sales MANY TIMES OVER!
  • How to use the power of social networking to raise your profile and that of your book. Services such as Facebook and Twitter are MASSIVE at the moment – find out how you can tap into this to generate a torrent of traffic to your e-book's sales page!
  • How you can use question-and-answer sites such as Yahoo Answers to gain the interest of potential buyers – this method is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE with how-to guides in particular!
  • How to get free publicity using press releases, podcasts and online video – everything you need to send HORDES of interested visitors to your e-book's sales site!
  • Six ways to get people to review your e-book on their own blogs or websites – and a link to a comprehensive list of sites that will review your e-book FREE OF CHARGE. A good review on one of these sites can turn your title into a Kindle best-seller OVERNIGHT!
  • A FREE TOOL you can use to embed a sample of your e-book in any blog or website, along with reviews, links to your sales page, and so on. All self-publishing authors should know about this!

Boosting Your Profits



  • How to boost your Kindle profits even further by publishing your title as an e-book on Lulu.
  • One thing YOU MUST NOT DO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES when publishing a Kindle e-book on Lulu and other platforms. Doing this will seriously damage your profits!
  • How to publish a print version of your e-book – the two main options, with the pros and cons of both.
  • Three more print self-publishing services you might want to consider.
  • Six TOP TIPS for getting the most from a print self-publishing company.
  • How to boost your income even further by becoming an Amazon Associate – help sell Amazon books and e-books (including your own!) and earn extra commission from Amazon!
  • Three more affiliate networks you can join for added profits. If you have a blog, a website or an email newsletter, becoming an affiliate with these networks will give you an ENDLESS SOURCE of products and services you can promote and make money from!
  • Two 'social bookmarking' services you can use to help drive traffic to your blog and website pages, and build your network of friends and followers. The more people who know about you and your e-book, the more potential purchasers you will have!

New Beginnings



  • The many benefits of being a published author.
  • The one thing you MUST NOT DO after completing your first e-book.
  • Three ways to leverage your Kindle publishing experience and boost your e-book profits!

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How to Publish Your Blog on the Kindle

Got a blog? Start publishing on the Kindle in just minutes, and earn $$$ for your efforts. A great way to monetize something you're already doing, at NO extra effort!


50 Great Ideas for Kindle Books

Stuck for inspiration? Don't be. Nick Daws shares the topics which are absolutely red hot on Kindle right now. Write one of these, and get yourself a guaranteed best-seller!


How to Create a Great Title for Your Kindle E-Book

Want to sell more books? Create a great title! This 13-page report shares the twelve tried and tested techniques to creating a great title – and how to use it to seriously rocket your sales, too!


How to Publish for the iPad and Other E-Book Readers

Want to target other e-book platforms, quickly? This guide shows you the quickest and easiest method of porting your book straight to the Apple Store, and more!


Essential Resources for Kindle Authors

Uncover the most invaluable websites and resources to help in your Kindle publishing adventure. This is an absolute must-have list of essential resources, swiped straight from Nick Daws little black book

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